Five-star resort restored to its former glory

WAKAYA Club and Spa has been fully restored to its former glory after it sustained serious damage in the height of TC Winston in 2016.

The five-star resort’s general manager Antonio Aja said damage sustained by the resort were several millions of dollars.

Mr Aja said the island’s flora and fauna had sustained damage including their five villas and hotel rooms.

“However the five villas had been done up properly now and it has been refurbished to its former glory,” he said.

“The island’s trees and vegetation were damaged including our infamous deer.

“However it is good to note that the whole island has been done up beautifully now and is back in operations.

“The five villas are actually up for rent now and yes we had been having interest from tourists abroad.”

Mr Aja described the rehabilitation works on the island as monumental adding that getting machines on the 2200 acre island was not an easy task.

Meanwhile the privately owned island of Wakaya was bought in 1973 by David Gilmour, a goldmining entrepreneur who had developed the island.

Since then the island has fallen into hands of numerous owners.

The latest owner bought the island in 2016.

Wakaya Club and Spa is considered as one of the top hotels in the world with its luxurious villas and spa.

It has had its share of A List Hollywood stars such as Celine Dion, Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Tori Spelling and Brooke Shields.

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