Five on the trot

I may be counting my chickens too early but with the young and new generation of stars that have emerged and stamped their mark in recent tournaments for Fiji, there is no stopping us conceiving a five in a row unprecedented title at the Happy Valley.

If we can nurture the likes of Sau, Nasilasila, Naduva, Nasoko, Vakurinabuli, Kunavula, Moceinacagi, Dranisinukula who says we don’t have home-grown talent? Just retain them and the team around them, and we will be a strong force in the next few years.

The only fear is losing them to hunting overseas clubs and here the stakeholders must step in and look after these young generation of stars who are taking Fiji sevens to the next level.

It’s now or never as the late Elvis Presley sang.

Go Fiji go forever and ever … keep the contracts and the players in Fiji and smiles will keep coming

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