Five on run in Mendi plane probe

The destroyed Air Nuigini Dash 8 at Mendi Airport. Picture: RNZ

PORT MORESBY, 10 OCTOBER 2018 (THE NATIONAL) – Five suspects in the burning of an Air Nuigini Dash 8 plane in Mendi remain at large and police are still searching for them.

Mendi police station commander Leo Walaget said the suspects’ identities were known to police and they were on the run.

“The investigation is being carried out by a team from headquarters, most of the suspects have been arrested and charged but only five are still on the run,” Walaget said.

“We are still trying to restore law and order. We have one platoon of Defence Force soldiers on the ground assisting us and the community has also been very supportive.”

Walaget said since taking up office on August 1, almost 90 per cent of the police workforce had reported back to the station and law and order was being restored gradually in the area.

“I appeal to the other officers to come in and resume their duties, and to remember that we have a duty to serve the people,” he said.

Walaget said that his aim as the new commander was to unite the police force in the area and restore law and order.

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