FIU report: Couple investigated for unexplained wealth

Fiji Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). Picture: SUPPLIED

An employee of a local statutory body and his wife owned four high value vehicles that were purchased without financing and had a freehold property that were not consistent with their decalerd annual income.

This, according to the Fiji Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) annual report for 2020 tabled in Parliament last Wednesday.

The FIU stated this was a case of corruption, bribery, kickbacks and unexplained wealth.

“Analysis revealed that Person R received deposits totalling approximately $28,804 into his bank account between July 2018 and September 2020 from various individuals in Country V and Fiji.

“It was also noted that Person R, his unemployed spouse (Person Y), and their children frequently travelled to Country V.”

FIU investigations revealed the man acquired a taxi permit in August 2019 and there was no corresponding transaction showing he had paid for the taxi permit.

The FIU found the man and his spouse “collectively own 4 high value vehicles that were purchased without any financing”.

“Further analysis revealed that Person R acquired a freehold property in the Central Division and made significant improvements to the property in the last few years.

“Further analysis also revealed that patterns in Person R’s transactions and accumulation of wealth were not consistent with the annual income declared.”

FIU referred the case to the Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption for possible unexplained wealth as a result of corruption and bribery.

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