Fish poisoning


ELEVEN people were admitted and treated for fish poisoning at the Labasa Hospital this week.

And the Ministry of Fisheries has cautioned fish consumers to be vigilant over their choices of fish during this festive season.

It is understood that the 11, who were taken to hospital on Tuesday night, consumed ogo buidromo (yellowtail barracuda).

The ministry said this fish species was usually poisonous during this season.

“We would advise that the general public take heed of the species listed for ciguatera and not buy or consume them,” the ministry said in a statement.

“Make responsible decisions while buying and consuming fish, during the summer weather.

“It is also very important to note that fish handling also play a very important role – it shouldn’t be exposed to higher temperatures but stored well, otherwise it will start rotting and can cause food poisoning.”

The ministry has also reminded the public to take heed of the alert. “Make it your point to ask the sellers about the species of fish and what areas were they caught in.”

The Ministry of Health has also confirmed that the 11 were treated for fish poisoning and discharged a day after.

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