First qualification developed for TVET trainers in Fiji

FHEC Consultant Rachel Wetere conducting a session with participants at the APTC. Picture: TALEBULA KATE

FIFTY Fijians will soon graduate with a qualification to provide a sound basis of capability for teaching the Technical Vocational Education and Training Sector (TVET).

This is after the National Certificate in Teaching of TVET (level 4) course was piloted this week with the 50 participants from TVET institutions taking the first block of this four -block programme.

According to a statement issued by the Fiji Higher Education Commission (FHEC), the Level 4 Certificate Qualification has been developed for the Fijian context of teaching and learning.

FHEC developed the qualification through its Improvement Programme for the sector that is being funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and is piloting the programme in partnership with the Australia -Pacific Technical College (APTC) for the delivery.

The participants in the programme are currently teaching within TVET contexts and wish to gain a qualification to support their practice.

APTC Gareth MC Grath said that the enthusiasm level of the participants was overwhelming which reflected their passion as trainers.

However FHEC Director Linda Aumua said the programme is part of bringing up the quality standard of training in the sector and is an exciting new venture for the FHEC.

This qualification is intended to be the minimum qualification requirement for TVET trainers in Fiji and will also prepare the teacher/trainer to design and use teaching tools that is sensitive to the socio-cultural background developed of the Fijian Learners.

It also is sensitive to the needs of the industry for competency-based training and assessment, therefore, prepares the teacher/trainer to design and use competency-based assessment tools.

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