First iTaukei head boy

WHEN Kolora Tulele lost her husband five years ago, she thought her world had come to an end.

It was the smiles and the eagerness of her only child, Ratu Josaia Vugakoto Tulele, which has kept her going all these years.

Last week, Ratu Josaia created history at Suva Muslim Primary School in Nabua, Suva by being the first iTaukei to be named the school’s head boy.

This is the beginning of better things for Kolora as her son has made a promise to make her proud in the near future.

It may not be an easy task but his record so far at primary school level is a living testimony Ratu Josaia is living his dream with high hopes that he will secure a decent job in a few years’ time to support this family of two.

It was indeed an emotional moment for Kolora as she witnessed the head boy badge being pinned onto her son.

“We could only wish our dad was here to see his son’s achievement at a young age,” Kolora said.

“Josaia is a person who loves to help others. When he is not in school, he will be doing something useful at least by helping other people and this is something he occupies himself with.

“When his dad passed away five years ago, he made a promise that he will always try to help other people whether it be at home, school or in other places he may be able to help in.”

Kolora, despite all the difficulties they went through after her hubsand passed away, acknowledges God for guiding them through the rough patches and enabling them to live a life full of blessings.

The soft-spoken Vanua Levu woman said she always encouraged her son to pray and put God first in everything he did. She said only then would he be able to achieve his dream.

Ratu Josaia wants to be an airline pilot when he completes his studies and believes he will achieve his dream with the support of his beloved mother.

He joined SMPS last year at Year 7 and his impressive record made him stand out from the other students resulting in he being the natural choice for leader this year.

Ratu Josaia believes being a head boy comes with a huge responsibility and he is determined to do his best and lead his fellows by example.

Leadership is not new to him as he was chosen to be the class captain when he was only in class one

Kolora said she would support her only child in all that he undertook in life and his father would be proudly smiling down at them from heaven knowing that Ratu Josaia would make his mother proud.

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