First for mother

FORTY families sought refuge at the Namotomoto Evacuation Centre after floodwaters washed their homes last Sunday.

Nadi Town, Namotomoto Village, Narewa Village and nearby areas were completely inundated and floodwaters did not recede until early yesterday morning.

Tibele Serenuku of Namotomoto Village said she was at home when she noticed floodwaters entering her home.

She said this was her first flooding experience.

“I’m here to visit my daughter and to be honest I’ve never experienced something like this all my life,” she said.

“I was making breakfast Sunday morning when I noticed that the house was flooded. I quickly alerted my daughter and her family and we had to vacate our house.

“I thank the Lord for keeping us safe.”

Tui Nadi Ratu Vuniani Dawai said they had experienced flooding before and they knew what to do when there was a heavy rain.

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