‘First aid is a gift’

Safety instructor Salote Maramaciriciri performs first-aid on Epi Taganesei (Disaster Management) during the Pacific First Aid Train the Trainer workshop in Suva. Picture: VISHAAL KUMAR

FIRST aid is a gift that is personal to someone and it helps others to be safer around them.

These were the sentiments shared by the Fiji Red Cross Society (FRCS) director general Filipe Nainoca during the opening of the “Pacific first aid train the trainer” workshop at the Ministry of Civil Service training centre in Nasese, Suva yesterday.

Mr Nainoca said a first aider was someone who would pass this life-saving gift to those who needed help.

“It is a training to save a life. In this training you will be given the capacity to help a person to train someone else,” Mr Nainoca said.

“So you are a group of trainers. We are always looking at the multiplication effect. We are always looking to do more with less.”

He said the training would allow participants to hold the portfolio of a trainer and enable them to save a life.

“If you think people around require to be trained in first aid, you have that capacity,” he said.

He added every year, the New Zealand Red Cross conducted the accreditation process with the FRCS.

“They come over for the accredited process because once accredited, we can say to people we train that we are benchmarked and assessed by someone outside the FRCS,” he said.

“First aid has been associated since the beginning of Red Cross. That is why in every national society in the world, first aid and blood services are symbolic to Red Cross. In some countries, Red Cross is the primary first aid provider.”

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