Firms to share skills, expertise

A TELECOMMUNICATIONS company in Fiji will assist and share technical and commercial expertise with Tonga Communications Corporation (TCC).

It also has plans to launch mobile roaming services having launched roaming services with about 400 networks and roaming hubs around the world.

Vodafone Fiji is expected to provide assistance with billing and revenue assurance exercise to TCC.

Vodafone Fiji CEO Pradeep Lal said TCC was interested in procuring branding and marketing services from Vodafone Fiji, and tailoring it to Tongan market conditions to invigorate and stimulate consumer interest and demand.

“There are many Tongan students studying in Fiji at the University of the South Pacific, Fiji National University and other tertiary institutions.

“A number of the Fiji-based businesses also operate in Tonga.”

He said the partnership would allow the two companies to offer competitive mobile communication services.

He said many opportunities had been created as a result of closer strategic relationships through the Pacific Islands Development Forum.

“The region as a whole is looking to its neighbours for partnerships and alliance to leverage off each other’s strength.”

He said Vodafone Fiji was happy to offer its expertise and knowledge in mobile telecommunication to other networks in the region to create a vibrant, competitive, and robust mobile communications network in the region.

TCC chair Lorna Johansson said being the market leader in Tonga, they could certainly learn from the company’s competitive strategy to strengthen their own market position.

TCC recently launched 3G services and this partnership entailed leveraging Vodafone Fiji’s scale and knowledge to procure many products and services such as 3G data devices, dongles, handsets, and smart phones.

It also included leveraging Vodafone Fiji’s scale to procure network infrastructure such as towers, base stations and other related hardware.