Firm sets target

MANORMA Khan started her laundry business in 2010 with just seven staff members and now, six years later, Redbricks Laundry is a brand name and employs about 85 people.

Ms Khan, who won the 2016 Women in Business Awards — Businesswoman of the Year, said she started operations in March 2010 after they won the tender for Hiralal laundry at Beddoes Circle in Nadi.

“Westpac Banking Corporation assisted us with the tender amount and machines to start the business,” she said.

Ms Khan said one of their major challenges was finding the right place to establish the business.

“We knew there was a market for this type of business as my husband had experience in the laundry services business previously and saw the potential to develop something for ourselves that would have a more competitive edge. The standard of service with a promise of quality will surely make for a profitable business and we are reaping the benefits,” she said.

“We deal with hotels, resorts, restaurants, universities, and the airline industry providing linen service for their business class, first-class and economy class.

“We also have our walk-in guests — the public. This is an area we are looking to develop further with the growing interest in our services.”

Ms Khan said Westpac had assisted them a lot when it came to buying their own premises after two years of renting their laundry space.

According to Ms Khan, being able to identify a niche market was an important aspect of succeeding in business.

“If you identify your niche market early in the business, you will be able to obtain the support you need with the proper justification and a strong case presented in your feasibility study,” she said.

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