Firefighters douse kiosk fire; Saves Sigatoka market and stock

NFA fire truck. Picture: FT FILE

THE Sigatoka Fire Station attended to a fire incident that occurred at Friendly Investment Kiosk in Sigatoka on Wednesday night.

The National Fire Authority stated the station was alerted through a call about the fire at 10.34 pm and the fire crew responded immediately.

Chief fire officer Qionilau Moceitai said when the brigade arrived at the scene at 10.36 pm, the building was fully engulfed.

He said the firefighters quickly used one delivery of water from their truck and hydrant to contain the fire to the area of origin and stopping its spread to the adjacent Sigatoka Market.

He added the quick call to the fire station enabled firefighters to respond quickly and save the market and the stock inside.

The NFA is conducting its investigations into all four incidents to determine the causes.

Mr Moceitai has reminded members of the public that fire safety was everyone’s responsibility and that simple fire safety precautions should be strictly adhered to at all times to avoid unnecessary fire-related damage to their property.

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