Fire vigilance advice

AS Diwali approaches, the National Fire Authority has again issued fresh advice for people to be vigilant when using firecrackers and other fire-ignition sources.

CEO John O’Connor yesterday said given the prolonged dry weather conditions, it was important for people to be extra careful with such incendiary materials.

“We are now entering the festive season and celebrations such as Diwali we’re to watch out for because a lot of fire-ignition sources will be used,” he said.

“The dry spell has drastically affected us not only with our water supply but also the environment, farms and our livestock. Any small fire, if uncontrolled, can lead to major fire incidents and it’s only proper we take the first step to control it from happening.”

Mr O’Connor added the NFA was tackling the problem of bush fire and they hoped the festival of light would be fire-free.

“We have continued to advise the general public to be vigilant and responsible enough, especially when they are dealing with fires.”

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