Fingerprint analysis

Early Sunday morning around 3am we experienced a burglary at our house. Thieves managed to remove louvre blades from the front windows and made their way in.

Luckily we were awake before any tragedy took place.

I tried to run after them but had to run backwards as they started throwing stones which they picked from the road.

Police responded in a timely manner and I was advised that police dogs won’t be of any help as it was slightly raining and they won’t be able to track them.

Well, I asked them how about taking fingerprints which were clearly visible on all five louver blades that were taken out.

They responded that fingerprint analysis will be done in the morning as the team does day shift to which I’m still waiting.

I would urge the police department to also have fingerprint teams on standby during night shifts so that fingerprint analysis can be done on the spot.

Furthermore, it would be much appreciated if relevant authorities can consider making CCTV cameras duty free as it will benefit many households and at the same time will keep thieves away from ransacking the house.

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