Finding a balance in life

Participants present a group activity at the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Workshop in Lautoka. Picture: SUPPLIED/APTC

THE revelation that more than 50 people from the aged-care industry marked World Elder Abuse Awareness Day last Friday by participating in a workshop in Lautoka is interesting.

The report in today’s edition does focus a bit of attention on the issue of care for our elderly.

Last week’s event was organised by the Australia-Pacific Technical College in partnership with the Ministry for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation.

A statement released by APTC said the theme of the workshop was “Let’s Break the Silence” and the event primarily focused on awareness about elder abuse.

APTC said Government was appreciative of the initiatives to provide training towards sensitising staff members in its State-administered aged care facilities on the issue of elder abuse.

Training, it said, was an opportunity to create awareness, not only in the institutional settings, but more so in communities around the country, to promote a better understanding of abuse and neglect of older persons.

It hoped to raise awareness of the cultural, social, economic and demographic processes affecting elder abuse and neglect.

Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation Minister Mereseini Vuniwaqa said caregiving was the bedrock of health and social systems worldwide.

It is sad that there are families around the world that abuse their own elderly. It should make us wonder how some can stoop so low. That is the harsh reality though of life.
It is shocking, and quite sad that some elderly people are abused, and neglected.

How can we forget the fact that without them, we might not even be here today!

How can we forget that our elderly nurtured us in our young days?

How can we live with the fact that some of us are actually treating them with contempt?

Could this be how society has shaped our mind-set?

So much so that some may wonder whether this is a sign of a fragmented society!

How can we cast aside concern when it matters, for our elderly?

Are we so selfish that we have lost all sense of purpose and concern for our flesh and blood?

Have we lost our sense of respect for our elderly?

Surely this would be a poor reflection of families.

Have we no concern for the welfare of those who love us?

Have we lost all compassion for family members who once showered us with love?

Perhaps these are questions we should be asking ourselves. There are obviously many among us who will give no second thought to the welfare of the elderly.

They will give no second thought to their achievements, contributions to society and the family, and their hopes and aspirations.

However, acknowledgement is due to all those families that are sharing the joys of life with their elderly.

They have made it their business to embrace their elderly family members, enabling them to live out their lives in a surrounding that brims with love, affection, and respect.

It reflects poorly on us all when our elderly are mistreated. It is in our best interest to find a balance in life.

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