Final witness takes stand

THE bleeding on the scalp of the late former journalist Losana McGowan might have been caused by a knockout punch.

This was highlighted by the final prosecution witness Doctor James Kalouqivala in the trial of Ms McGowan’s de facto partner, Usaia Kilaiverata.

Mr Kilaiverata is standing trial before Justice Priyantha Fernando at the High Court in Suva and is charged with one count of murder.

Dr Kalouqivala, who conducted the post-mortem examination, said the bleeding on McGowan’s scalp indicated that it was a severe traumatic brain injury.

He said with reference to the case at hand, it would have been more than two blows to the head to cause such severe head trauma.

In cross examination, defence lawyer Samanunu Vaniqi, questioned Dr Kalouqivala as to how the blood splattered to various parts of the room.

Dr Kalouqivala said he could not answer the question and only a forensic scientist who was a specialist in blood splatter cases could answer such a question.

Lawyers from both sides will make their closing submissions today.

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