Final Count

ONLY postal ballots remained to be counted last night said the Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem.

He said 8000
postal ballots had been received which are the only ballot that are left to be

He added that
other ballots have been counted and what was happening was that the Fijian
Elections Office staff were entering the data and only after data was entered,
official results would be announced.

As at 9pm
last night, 1553 of the 2025 polling station had been processed by the FEO.

In the West,
146393 of the 223867 registered voters had been processed. In the Central
Division, of the registered 252901 registered voters 144750 had cast votes.

In the North
55901 votes of the registered 89212 had been processed while 18775 of the
registered 25121 voters ballots had been processed.

These figures
were announced at 9pm yesterday.

Mr Saneem
indicated that the Fiji Elections Office is hoping to have all counting and
data processed by today, however he stressed that it was a stringent process
and the FEO needed to ensure that all data was accurate.

The FEO said
invalid votes were at a minimum and they will tabulate this and announce how
many total votes were invalid.