Final bid

RAVORAVO Rabbitohs will be vying for a win this Saturday as they face the Sabeto Roosters in the premier grand final of the Vodafone Cup Competition.

The Rabbitohs have continued training and have stepped up preparation for this week’s grand final of the Vodafone Cup.

The players need to step up preparation if they want to win the Vodafone Cup this Saturday.

“It was a challenge for us when we had to go for a re-match against Burenitu, however, after the re-match we felt that we need to still work hard and move up one notch if we want to win,” said coach Sitiveni Vuniyayawa.

“We got to Burenitu about 20 minutes from start time, and by the time the boys changed into their playing outfits, we had only seven minutes of warm-up to do.”

He said with all the challenges his team went through, he had always reminded them of the importance of being focused at all times.

He said the Roosters would be a side to look out for, as they were an experienced side.

Vuniyayawa said his team was ready for Saturday’s battle, and wishes both teams the best of luck as they look forward to the grand final game of the Vodafone Cup.

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