Fiji’s weatherman monitors energy pulse

The satellite weather map for today - January 10, 2020, released by the Fiji Meteorological Service this afternoon. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE Fiji Meteorological Service says it will monitor a system that is expected to develop between Vanuatu and Solomon Islands early next week.

In a statement, the national forecasting centre said an energy pulse had entered into the region.

“For Fiji, the energy pulse brings with it warm and humid north to northwesterly winds for now. This explains why the weather has been humid over Fiji the last few days,” it stated.

The weatherman states that as the energy pulse establishes itself, a few low-pressure systems will develop in the areas near the Solomons or north of Vanuatu.

“There’s a moderate to high chance of tropical cyclone formation from next week over the south of Solomon Islands or near Vanuatu.

“We are continually monitoring the situation and will update the public accordingly as and when necessary.”

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