Fiji’s seasonal work cap to New Zealand increases

Fijian seasonal workers in New Zealand. Picture: SUPPLIED/Fiji Government

FIJI’S participation has increased by 1750 in the seasonal work cap under New Zealand’s Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Work Scheme.

The new increase was recently announced by the New Zealand government earlier this month.

Fiji’s Ministry of Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations permanent secretary Salaseini Daunabuna said the increase would strengthen the country’s labour-sending opportunities to New Zealand and assist in providing “much-needed” labour for the horticulture and viticulture sectors in New Zealand.

“Since Fiji’s participation in 2015, the number of Fijians participating in the scheme has increased steadily, with more than 800 workers participating over a three-year period. With this new increase, the government will be able to send more workers to New Zealand to participate under the scheme with a focus on those in┬áthe low-skills┬ácategory,” Ms Daunabuna said.

“In addition, the positive socio-economic impact has the prospects of tremendously improving the standard of living and skills of Fijians and creating an enabling environment for growth and development.”

The RSE scheme has seen benefits for both New Zealand and Pacific governments as well as for seasonal workers.

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