Fiji’s registered voters increase to 634,120

Fiji's Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem. Picture: FT FILE

FIJI’S total number of registered voters has now increased to 634,120 as of September 17.

These registered voters, according to Fiji’s Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem, would be voting in the upcoming general elections.

Mr Saneem revealed the latest figures at a press conference earlier today on the publication of the Fijian Elections Office latest voter roll held at their headquarters.

Mr Saneem said the central division had the highest number of voters until date.

“The breakdown is as follows central division has the highest number of voters with 262,629 voters; Eastern Division has 25,877 registered voters; Western Division has 243,183 registered voters and Northern Division has 84,390 voters,” Mr Saneem said.

He said 8,041 voters were registered from overseas and were eligible for postal voting.

“The total voter registration reflects a 0.35 per cent increase from our last update on August 1 the oldest voter on the voters roll is 117 years old and resides in the Northern Division,” he said.

The SOE said they were currently into their second phase of the Know Your Elections campaign.

“This is in fact the last opportunity for Fijians before the writ is issued to update their details or register if you’re eligible remember when the writ is issued to update their details or register if they are eligible remember once the writ is issued you cannot amend your details and you will not be able to register,” he said.

Mr Saneem added that the FEO would be carrying out an outside program tomorrow.

“The staff will be out in numbers around the country at various hot spots to check where you are supposed to vote,” he said.

” They will also be able to assist you to amend your details or they can actually tell you if there’s a polling venue closer to where you live instead of the one you are currently registered in.”

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