Fiji’s first and only microgreens farmer

Atelini Kaloumaira (second from left) shows Cluster farmers how mushrooms been planted at Wairabetia, Lautoka yesterday. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

A LAUTOKA herb grower left a career in mainstream media to pursue full-time farming and says she has never regretted the decision.

Fanny Fiteli is Fiji’s first and only microgreens farmer in Fiji.

Apart from her work in the media industry, she is also a trained psychotherapist and provides counselling services to those facing emotional issues.

“With farming, I am my own boss and how much I earn literally depends on how much work I put into my home-based farm.

“A lot of people ask me what microgreens are and it basically is growing pea shoots, sunflower shoots and chickpea shoots which are used in restaurants and hotels for garnish or gourmet meals.

“The beauty of microgreens is that it doesn’t require a lot of land. It involves a very condensed method of planting where you grow shoots up to seven inches long and harvest them.

“I can earn about $60 a kilogram and the market in Lautoka is about 30kg to 60kg a week. I am the only microgreens farmer in Fiji at the moment and because of market demand, I am trying to encourage other farmers to get into this industry.”

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