Fijii faces major productivity challenge

FIJI is facing a major productivity challenge like Australia, Singapore and other countries around the globe.

And building management and innovation capabilities, particularly at organisational and enterprise level, will be key to meeting those challenges.

According to Fiji National University vice-chancellor Professor Ian Rouse, those efforts pre-suppose that need to develop the capabilities and potentials of those in the forefront such as trainers and human resource professionals to allow them to make a major contribution to the development of innovation, productivity and help drive results in their respective organisations.

“Improving Fiji’s productivity is and will largely be a function of our commitment to develop leadership and management capabilities across all organisations of our economy, including in small and micro enterprises and civil society,” Prof Rouse said at the national training conference organised by the FNU’s National Training and Productivity Centre in Nadi.

“We need to invest more in this vital lever of productivity performance in the country.

“There are a number of drivers of productive growth.

“These include investment in new technologies, research and development, infrastructure and regulatory reform among others.

“Many of these are already taken care of by Government, and on this strength, we already see Fiji on a good trajectory of development.”

He emphasised the importance of skills and knowledge, and in building management and innovation capability in organisations for creating long-term prosperity, growth and employment.

Professor Rouse said the objective of the national conference was critical in that it provided the opportunity for the training fraternity in Fiji to meet regularly to discuss, appreciate and adapt the best practices in training and development with local industries.

He said it also provided the platform to share success stories and developments from industries in relation to competency-based training, on-the-job training and ways to promote learning at the workplace.

He said the event also promoted better industry-academia collaboration, adding the effects of such initiatives could be immeasurable.

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