Fijians urged to change lifestyle and diet

Locals are attended to by medical personnel of the Chinese navy hospital ship Ark Peace . Picture: JAKE CABANIUK

LOCALS are urged to change their lifestyle and diet, says Chinese Ambassador to Fiji Qian Bo.

He said issues like non-communicable diseases (NCD’s), heart and eye problems were a common thread picked up from the locals during the seven to eight days visitation by the medical staff on board the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy Hospital Ship, Ark Peace.

“The only thing is high blood pressure, diabetes and also heart problems and eye problems and so I think the local people should be quite careful about your eyes, about your heart because of the diet,” Mr Qian said.

“The people like sports very much and even more than the Chinese and maybe because of the lifestyle in the diet, which makes people not that healthy.”

He said he hoped the people in Fiji would live longer after changing their diet plan.

The Ark Peace ship departed for Tonga today after a week of providing the locals with free medical treatment.