Fijians to play second match on tour

THE Vodafone national football team will play Kaya FC in its second match during this Philippines tour.

Kaya FC is a professional second tier club in the Philippines.

Head coach Christophe Gamel said the purpose of this match was to give more professional exposure to the players.

“The purpose of this game is to give more professional exposure to the players and we never know our boys might get professional contracts in future.

“This is also the purpose for the game against the Philippines, just for the players to taste professional football,” he said.

Gamel said impressive players from Fiji could be offered contracts regardless of the match result.

“If we play a good game no matter the result, some agents in Philippines can see the level of our players and offer contracts.

“Just like in Indonesia, Christopher Wasasala missed a big opportunity because the selectors from Indonesia came to assess him in Labasa, he got a red card and they cancelled his contract directly.”

Fiji plays Philippines on Thursday and face Kaya FC on Saturday.

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