Fijians thrash Niue

THE Fiji men’s lawn bowls team ended its 2018 Commonwealth Games campaign yesterday by thrashing Niue 20-9 at the Broadbeach Lawn Bowls Club at Gold Coast, Australia.

With Gold Coast at 27 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity at 49 per cent and wind speed from Broadbeach beach blowing across the greens at 16 kilometres per hour, the Fijians dominated play against Niue which is made up of overseas-based players.

The Fiji Fours team consisted of Kushal Pillay (Lead), Rajnesh Prasad, (Second), David Aitcheson (Third), Semesa Naiseruvati (Skip).

Fiji lost the first end 0-1, but recovered from the second end until the end.

Niue held Fiji from the seventh to the 14th end but veteran skip Naiseruvati led the team well to finish the game victorious.

Scores from End 2: Fiji 6-1, End 3: Fiji 9-1, End 4: Fiji 10-1, E5: Fj 16-1, E6: Fj 16-2, E7: Fj 17-2, E8: Fj 17-3, E9: Fj 17-4, E10: Fj 17-6, E11: Fj 17-7, E12: Fj 17-8, E13: Fj 17-9, E14: Fj 20-9.

Section manager Curtis Mar commended the players and the women’s reps, saying more should be done back home to prepare national teams better for internationals.

“We beat Jamaica 21-5 and Kenya 21-3 but lost to England 15-21. Our results were not that good and the women won two matches, but lost three. They beat Tonga and Norfolk, but lost to New Zealand by one point and also Canada,” Mar said.

“Despite the results, it had been a good exposure and experience for us. The results showed that we need to re-look at our resources and our facilities. The greens conditions will need to be improved at home. Our greens in Fiji are slow and they are fast here. Fast greens will help improve the games.

“Consistent wise, we played some really good games and other times the opposite. We need to be consistent and that can only come from good and fast greens.”

“Before we had good greens, almost as good as the ones here in Australia and we produced some good results. We used to play Tests against Australian teams and when we met in international matches, we knew how they played. We also need more international games,” he said.

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