Fijians’ plight heard

Nine months old Semi Etuate with his mother Ilisapeci Elder at their home in Nanuku Settelment in Vatuwaqa.Picture:ATU RASEA

Fijians living in dire straits have lauded the Sai Prema Foundation Fiji and Being Helping Hands Fiji for coming to their aid.

They have also lauded The Fiji Times for highlighting their plight.

This, after the two non-governmental organisations stepped in to assist two families in Tamavua-i-wai settlement and two in Nanuku settlement.

Rajendra Prasad from Tamavua-i-wai was overcome with emotion as he expressed his gratitude to the two NGOs and this newspaper.

“I just want to thank them for this big help,” he said.

Jerry Kaitani echoed similar sentiments after receiving groceries from the two NGOs.

Ilisapeci Elder from Nanuku settlement said she never believed that there were organisations there to help them.

“I thought that no one would help us and we are so happy that there are still some good Samaritans around.”

Adi Maria Bulouvela, also from Nanuku, said she would use the groceries wisely because it was a gift from someone who understood the realities they were facing and knew how it felt to be hungry and down.

“I thank God for Sai Prema and Being Helping Hands Fiji for helping us and The Fiji Times for letting the people know what we are going through.”

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