Fijians lack height in competition

THE Fiji Blue men’s volleyball team lacks height in comparison with other teams says Fiji Blue assistant coach Savenaca Tuivaga after the side went down to New Zealand 3-2 in the Oceania Zonal Competition.

But even though the Fiji players were shorter in height up front they fought bravely.

“One can see that we do not have height but they played well. They were able to receive most of the balls the New Zealand team threw at them,” Tuivaga said.

“Volleyball is a sport where there is a massive participation.

“However, people with height who do not have the physique to play rugby turn to they play volleyball. The players need to be tall and slim.”

He said they were trying to ensure the players were on the right track.

“We are in the process of identifying more players who have the capabilities. The three front players who were short in height but they still managed to receive the balls and they did their best,” he added. “In our team we have a Year 13 student of Marist Brothers High School Peni Tokaduadua. For him to play at this level is good in terms of our future as he will continue to play.

“The players need to concentrate more on the match as they lost concentration in the fourth and fifth sets. We will talk to the boys on the areas we need to improve.”

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