Fijians in the British Army support church

ENGLAND’S Christian Mission Fellowship International (CMFI) congregation power base are the Fijians in the armed forces.

Pastor Nemani Raqio, who has been overseeing the church in England for the past 10 years, highlighted this during an interview this week.

Mr Raqio is in the country with his daughter to attend the 25th anniversary celebrations as well as the church conference which is being held at World Harvest Centre in Kinoya.

He said the church he served mainly catered for the Fijian British army soldiers, those who had left the British army and resided in the UK.

Mr Raqio said the church was always open to whoever wanted to attend.

“The main foundation of the church is our armed forces and slowly we are reaching out to the rest of the public and those are the English people,” he said.

The father of five said the main hardship that he encountered was the culture of churchgoers.

He claimed there has been a decline in people attending church services.

Mr Raqio said the registered number in his South Hampton church was about 400 and the support from Fijians was great.

He is expected to return to England on May 8.


8am: CMF business meeting — delegates only;

10am: Break;

12:30pm: End of meeting;

2-4pm: Youth program;

6pm: Items by church groups;

7pm: Commissioning of missionaries; and

9:30pm: End of service

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