Fijians’ efforts praised

THE growing Fijian community in Kiribati were recently lauded for their contribution to the island nation’s achievements and growth.

Speaking during the Fiji Day celebrations in Bairiki, Tarawa, the nation’s president, Taneti Mamau, commended the Fijian community working in Kiribati for leaving the comfort of their homes to contribute effectively to the growth of the nation.

Mr Mamau told Fijians in Kiribati that their experience would assist them to become strong and resilient.

“Today’s celebration also reminds us all of the importance of relationships and the tie that we have as Pacific Island countries,” Mr Mamau said.

“I am honoured to be part of your nation’s 46th independence celebrations because it reminds us all of your success as a nation and a people not forgetting the success of your forefathers in paving a brighter future for the nation of Fiji.

“Kiribati’s relationship continues to grow stronger and cordial as Fiji continues to play a major role in the Pacific region contributing to our social and economic development and voicing our concerns on the international front.”

Mr Mamau lauded Fiji’s success in becoming the first Pacific nation to head the UN General Assembly adding that it was an achievement that all Pacific Island countries was proud of.

“Kiribati has benefited from Fiji on a wide spectrum most importantly on the socioeconomic front,” he said.

“Also Fiji has continued to be a gracious host to our Kiribati mission in Suva allowing for closer trade and diplomatic relations, not forgetting our own people who are living as Fiji citizens in Fiji.”

Also speaking at the celebrations, the Fijians in Kiribati representative, Viliame Rova said the event was a celebration of Fiji’s success through its 46 years of independence.

“We remember the contributions of our Pacific brothers in enabling our country to be what it has become today, the hub of our beloved Pacific,” Mr Rova said.

“We also thank our big brothers Australia and New Zealand, for their kindness and generosity in helping us rebuild in the wake of TC Winston and we also honour the sacrifices and efforts of our people and that of our Pacific family.”

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