Fijians all safe in France

Nemani Nadolo in action for Montpellier. Picture: T14 RUGBY

THE French Fijians Association chairman and former national rugby player Fero Lasagavibau says all Fijian rugby players based in France are safe from the Covid-19 outbreak that is affecting the world.

The association has always catered and hosted the Fiji 7s team when they participate in the Paris 7s tournament in the past years but unfortunately this year’s event has been postponed because of the outbreak of the virus.

More than 300 Fijian players are part of the French club rugby competitions, that includes the Top 14, Pro D2, Federale 1, 2 and 3, Challenge Yves du Manoir, Coupe de l’Esperance and Coupe de France.

Lasagavibau believes the French government has been keeping a close eye on the virus and precautionary measures taken to prevent its spread.

“Last two weeks ago the French Prime Minister has ordered all places that are always open to the public that are not essential service be closed until further notice as they’ve entered the third phase of the epidemic and for that call I’ve urged all Fijians to stay indoors,” he said.

“Many continue to spread the virus because they don’t respect the law but I ask all Fijians in France to stay safe and seek divine intervention.

“So far many of us are safe and during this tough times we have to be strong and continue to pray and seek God’s protection for us and for our families back in Fiji from this deadly virus,” he said.

Meanwhile according to the Planet Rugby website regarding the French Top 14 competition regarding the players welfare.

“This was supposed to be the money end of the season, the time when teams cashed in on either their superior performance up to now (think Euro quarter-finals for starters) or their lack of it (think rallying calls to clubs on a bad run who still might sneak into Europe).

“Rugby clubs throughout Europe are just as vulnerable as holiday tour operators or airlines. If there’s no rugby, there’s no money. But the costs continue to run.”

Lasagavibau believes this is the time to work together, love one another and that is what differs Fiji from the rest of the world. “As Fijians we are known to be related someway, somehow and during this time of crisis, we need to stick together as a family.

“If a family runs out of sugar or rice we need to be there for them and despite the outbreak our bond should always keep us intact and help one another,” said Lasagavibau.

Rugby competition in France, along with other top ruby competitions around the world have been suspended because of the spread of the coronavirus which originated from the province of Yuhan in China.

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