Fijians advised to use new gas cremation machine

Minister for Employment Parveen Bala officiates the ground breaking ceremony of a new gas chamber at Raralevu Cemetery in Tailevu yesterday. Picture: ARIETA VAKASUKAWAQA

FIJIANS have been advised to make use of the new gas cremation machine that will be constructed at the Raralevu Cemetery in Tailevu.

This is an issue highlighted by the Employment Minister Praveen Kumar during its official groundbreaking ceremony yesterday, who also said there was a need to cut down on cremating bodies with mangroves.

“In Fiji, we come from diverse backgrounds and faiths but all our faiths and religions and respects, it’s the universal fact that as we are born, one day we shall die,” he said.

Meanwhile, the $50,000 machine would be brought in from Gujarat, India.

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