Fijian voters exercised their right to vote freely: MOG

Multinational Observer Group (MOG) co-chairs delivering their interim statement during the 2018 General Election, from left to right, Wajid Fauzilicture, Mukesh Chandra Sahu and Jane Prentice. Picture: FT FILE/AQELA SUSU

THE Multinational Observer Group (MOG) is confident that Fijian voters were able to exercise their right to vote freely in the pre-poll, postal voting and on election Day.

The MOG co-chairs highlighted this in an interim statement about the 2018 General Election this afternoon.

The group also highlighted that during their observation of the electoral process they found that voting had taken place in a calm and peaceful environment.

“The MOG further assesses that electoral processes to date have been transparent, credible and that outcomes are on track to reflect the will of Fiji and voters,” MOG said

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