Fijian Immigration issues 4000 passports monthly

Fiji New Zealand Business Council president Renu Chand (left) and Acting Immigration director Amelia Komaisavai during the New Zealand Business Council meeting in Nadi. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

The Department of Immigration has been printing 4000 passports monthly for first issuance since February this year.

Acting Immigration director Amelia Komaisavai said the large issuance of Fijian passports was largely due to the strong interest shown by Fijians in the Pacific labour scheme market.

She said this in her presentation to delegates who converged for the Fiji New Zealand and New Zealand Fiji Business Councils joint conference on Denarau Island yesterday.

“In analysing the work permit trends over the years, it can be noted that it’s generally on an upward trend, meaning that more foreign workers are interested in participating,” Ms Komaisavai said.

“On the other hand, we are also noticing a high rate of issuance of Fiji’s passports because of the strong interest of Fiji’s labour cause in the Pacific labour scheme.

“Looking into the future we’d like to explore open economic opportunities at this time is paramount in Fiji in building sustainable opportunities.”

Ms Komaisavai informed delegates that history has shown how external shocks including COVID-19 global pandemic, climate change and geopolitical crisis have negatively impacted the global and local economy.

She explained that economic growth declined drastically for countries in the Pacific and continuing slow growth and recovery from COVID-19 is being activated by increasing inflation and supply chain disruptions.

“COVID-19 drastically impacted the Fiji tourism sector as we all know, which contributed to 40 per cent of Fiji’s GDP and employed around 40,000 Fijians directly and almost 100,000 Fijians indirectly.

“As history does show some of the most successful companies and business people came out of a very difficult period.”

The acting Immigration director said businesses reevaluate and reassess their strategies in investment which also became a turning point for digital and e-commerce and outsourcing services.

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