Fijian hailed a hero

A FIJI-BORN former Marist Brothers High School athlete and former British Army soldier has been hailed a hero for stopping a man from falling off a 35 foot wall at the London Bridge Station in London, England.

Francis Tuinasakea hit the news headlines in London for his heroic act, which saved the life of the man who had tried to kill himself.

The 31-year-old has attributed the skills taught from his army days to give him the strength which allowed him to save the man’s life.

The former Nabua, Suva, resident was working overnight at a London Bridge station when he saw the man running across tracks and trying to leap over the 35ft wall.

Mr Tuinasakea told the Standard: “We were working on London Bridge overnight and I saw this guy come off platform 10 and leap over the lines all the way to platform one — he was just jumping across the lines, which are 750 volts.

“If he had touched one of them he would have been gone.

“Before he got to the last line, I dragged him across and pinned him down. When I let him go so he could explain himself, he just ran towards the wall where there is a big drop.”

One of Mr Tuinasakea’s colleagues filmed the dramatic exchange which has now received thousands of views on Youtube and has gone viral on social media.

The footage shows the man saying to workers “I would rather you guys beat me up and kill me” before making a desperate dart to the wall.

Mr Tuinasakea and his colleagues then chased him over the tracks and effortlessly picked him up as he appeared to climb over.

Mr Tuinasakea, who lives in Kent, is a rugby player and served in the Fijian army for a number of years.

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