Fijian Government opens submission for 2020 National Ocean Policy

Fiji’s ocean waters generate about $2.5 billion worth of economic activity annually, states a recently-released National Ocean Policy. Picture: REINAL CHAND/FILE

Submissions are open to members of the public who would like to contribute to the 2020 National Ocean Policy.

According to the Fijian Government, a national policy is being created for Fiji to help better take care of resources for the people and their future generations.

The Government is calling on members of the public if they have any input on the 2020 National Ocean Policy to help in the policy-making process to provide their feedback at

According to the current National Ocean Policy, Fijians’ close relationship with their environment and with each other has allowed unique resilience that is now under pressure by modernisation.

“Fiji is trying to combine this traditional, environmentally-centered knowledge with modern technology and resource-management arrangements to put the country on a pathway towards sustainable development,” the present policy states.

“If realised, this pathway would allow Fijians to both improve their economic livelihoods and well-being and ensure a vibrant, healthy environment.”

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