Fijian ends NATO mission

A FIJIAN soldier in the British Army has completed a six-month operational tour as part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) enhanced Force Presence (eFP) for the Baltic States.

Bombardier Pita “Buzz” Baro was sent to Estonia with colleagues from Germany-based 26th Regiment Royal Artillery to form a British battle group.

The 33-year-old bombardier is no stranger to foreign countries after having trained in Canada, Cyprus, and Germany and on operations in Afghanistan and now Estonia.

Bombardier Baro’s current role is a detachment commander of the Royal Artillery’s powerful AS90 self-propelled artillery weapon.

“I was very proud when I got the responsibility of commanding one of these beasts,” Bombardier Baro said in a statement.

“In Estonia, it was very challenging at first to manoeuvre these heavy armoured vehicles through the thick forests so we had to use different tactics, but with practise we managed to overcome all the difficulties. It has been fun and a really good experience.

“I got interested in joining the British Army having read a brochure and I got hooked. It took a while for me to get used to things, but then military exercises taught me everything I needed to know about my job.”

In addition to the busy training schedules, the soldiers received scores of high-profile visits while in Estonia, including one from Theresa May, the Prime Minister for UK, and took part in many community engagements where they received a warm and welcoming reception from local communities.

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