Fijian community in Vanuatu celebrate Bula Boy’s heroic act

National team goal keeper Akuila Mataisuva (29) and assistant coach Sunil Kumar (kneeling down) look on as Nishant Kumar assists the victim in Port Villa, Vanuatu on Tuesday. Picture: ANUSHIL KUMAR/SUPPLIED

The Fijian community has celebrated the humanitarian gesture of the national Bula Boys football team for their heroic act in Vanuatu in saving a young boy from the brink of death.

Fijian Community president in Port Vila Mosese Vereti told Fiji Times Online in an interview that they were impressed with the Bula Boys’ quick action to respond to the need of the little boy who was a victim of an alleged hit and run.

He said he was called by friends and family to watch the news when the Fijian boys made the headlines.

“I am very grateful as a Fijian and am truly proud of what they did because it wasn’t just any soccer team, it was the Fiji soccer team,” Mr Vereti said.

“The true embodiment of the bula spirit was displayed by these boys through care, kindness and quick response to emergency situations.

“While the physician was attending to the little boy, members of the team redirected traffic,” he said.

The Fijian community in Port Vila honoured them and hosted a dinner last Friday for what the Vanuatu media has dubbed “heroes”, and a sevusevu was presented to an elder, Apisalome Waqatabu, who commended the team on how they displayed great character both on and off the field.


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