Fijian brilliance

THE sleeping giant has awoken from its slumber and everything is as it should be in Fiji.

The flying Fijians 7s team has won the granddaddy of all 7s tournaments — the Hong Kong 7s. And for a third consecutive year at that.

Given the law of averages, the most naturally gifted 7s team in the world, the Fiji 7s team with their pedigree of being the very best at the rugby 7s game would in 2017 win a tournament, and to do it on Son-Ko Po, the Fiji 7s team home ground away from home, is like Christmas come early for all Fijians.

It took quite a while for the Fiji 7s giants to get out of their siesta and with an adrenaline shot in the form of Jasa Veremalua, another of effusiveness in Isake Katonibau and the Fiji 7s team were jolted awake with an intense rush to hit the ground flying.

Their brick-wall defence in the finals against South Africa was like another giant of the sea, the great white shark, whom someone once noted that “there is only bad news, do not ask for the good, there isn’t any”.

World 7s has been put on notice —the Fijian 7s giant has awoken and with one dragon slain, the Singapore dragon is warming the ground ready, awaiting with bated breath the onslaught of Fijian 7s brilliance.

Toso Viti – We believe we will win!

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