Fijian 7s players blend in well in Hong Kong

FIJIAN 7 players Josua Vici, Pio Tuwai and Lemeki Tulele are enjoying the weather at Hong Kong as they prepare for the 10’s tournament today at the Happy Valley Race course.

Vici and Tulele are both playing for a French Club called the Bordeaux club while Tuwai plays for a New Zealand club called the Tradition.

Also part of the clubis Samu Bale of Tabadamu and Glen Cakautini of Uluinakau

The 22 year old Niudua Naceva Kadavu said they had really enjoyed their outing in the city before their first game against Samurai.

“We’ve enjoyed ourselves for the past days and we’re looking forward to the big game today.

“We’re all here to get some exposure and see how the international games are being played and hopefully learn some new things and hopefully apply it when we get back home,” Vici said.

Vici and Tulele will play their first match against Scottish Exiles and Samurai International for the second round at the Happy Valley Race course

As for the past 31 years the tournament will be held on Wednesday and Thursday ahead of the world famous Hong Kong 7s tournament.

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