Fiji, UK share ‘deep ties’

Royal couple Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and Megan Markel wave to the crowd as their motorcade passes through at Laqere yesterday. Picture: RAMA

THE UK looks to Fiji to provide leadership on environmental issues.

This was highlighted by The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry during the State dinner at Suva’s Grand Pacifi c Hotel last night.

Prince Harry, who tours the University of the South Pacifi c with his wife Meghan Markel today, said the health and the sustainability of the planet was vital.

He said the planet depended on the young people of today for its sustainability.

Prince Harry said Fiji and the UK shared deep ties.

“Our ties run deep. Your soldiers fought in the British Army.

“I have respect for Fijian soldiers. We fought in Afghanistan. We fought together, we worked and laughed together.”

He said he was excited about Fiji’s future, economic growth, tourism and social enterprise.

Prince Harry said the warm welcome from the Fijian people as they started their three-day royal tour yesterday was extraordinary.

He said Fiji was beautiful.

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