Fiji U21 wins game two

THE Baby Pearls defeated Wales 48-35 in their second pool match of the Netball World Youth Championship in Botswana yesterday.

Fiji led 14-8 after the first quarter and after a great turn of defence from our girls saw them extending their dominance 23-13 in the second quarter.

Captain Episake Kahatoka was amazing in defence securing the loose balls while all ace shooter Maliana Rusivakula made all the goals count.

Fiji opened up the gap in the third quarter to extend their lead 39-24, Lydia Panapasa blended in well with Rusivakula taking all the advantages of scoring goals.

Netball Fiji president Wainikiti Bogidrau said coach Vicky Wilson continued to work with the team to look at improvements that they could work on going into their game tomorrow against Grenada.

“She is considering strategies for the next two pool games against Grenada and then England. Of course, there are certain considerations that go into planning their strategies for both games while taking on the learnings from our two wins so far,” Bogidrau said.

“The Fiji camp is in high spirits after the two wins. All the girls have taken the court in both games but missing was Ana Moi who was nursing an eye injury sustained during the game against Trinidad and Tobago.

“Yes, captain Episake Kahatoka has led by example and she has been ably supported in the defensive circle by Annabella Sorby, Verenaisi Sawana, Alisi Galo and Merelita Waqanidrola. Aliti Toribau,” she said.

“Our mid-courter played exceptionally well.

“Shooting from Vilisi Tavui, Maliana Rusivakula were good and replacements Laisani Waqa and Lydia Panapasa also rose to the occasion. It has been a great team effort and all the girls need to be applauded for their efforts.”

Bogidrau said coach Wilson had continued to remind the girls that they cannot underestimate their opponents and that they would need to continue to lift their performance at every game.

“Should we win against Grenada we will advance to the quarter-finals of the cup competition. Fiji has not progressed to this stage in any World Youth Cup before so, we are quite excited about this opportunity but at the same time very mindful that we still need to beat Grenada first.

“The girls will rest before their third pool game tomorrow at 7pm Botswana time (5am Fiji time on Wednesday morning).

“We would like to thank all our supporters for your continued prayers and good wishes,” she said.

The Baby Pearls won their first game against Trinidad and Tobago 55-28 Fiji will play Grenada tomorrow.

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