Fiji U20 departs

Emosi Narube with Peni Narube and Peniasi Ratu at Nadi International Airport yesterday. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

FIJI U20 rugby team has learnt from its mistakes after a disappointing performance in the 2017 World Rugby U20 Trophy championship in Uruguay.

Senior player Saimoni Banuve said the side had a lot of negative comments from fans on social media in regards to its performance last year.

“It’s not easy representing your country, people look up to you and they expect you to perform at your best. With the results last year we know we didn’t do well but we have learnt from that and have moved and this year we’re looking to secure a good spot,” he said.

“We have a lot of senior players who have been part of the team for the past three years and we know what is expected from us. “There are a lot of challenges as we try winning the Junior World Cup and we hope that this year we will come out strong. The Kocomo, Qamea, lad is positive that having new players will boost the team.

The team flew out of the country today to Australia for their challenge against Australia, New Zealand and Tonga. “Playing against NZ and Australia will be tough but we will do our best.”

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