Fiji trade of illicit tobacco products remains controlled

British American Tobacco corporate affairs representative Ashwin Lal presenting their submissions to the committee as their head of external affairs Meliki Tuinamuana looks on. Picture: SUPPLIED

ILLICIT trade in tobacco products remains controlled in Fiji.
This was assured today by British American Tobacco (BAT) head of External Affairs Meliki Tuinamuana in her submission to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence on the review of the World Health Organization Protocol to eliminate illicit trade in tobacco products.
“Illicit trade is a global problem driven by disproportionate tax policies, affordability issues, and poor enforcement,” Ms Tuinamuana said.
“By contrast, illicit trade remains relatively controlled in Fiji – industry estimates illicit trade in tobacco products to be quite low.”
She said in some countries, illicit tobacco products represented a significant proportion of the tobacco market, and in those markets the issue required specific and urgent attention.
She added they had not considered suki (Hindi for Fijian tobacco) as an illicit tobacco.

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