Fiji to assist Kiribati

POLICE Commissioner Major General Ben Groenewald hosted his Kiribati counterpart Ioeru Tokantetaake to an official tour of the Fiji Police Force’s Response Unit in Nasinu on Thursday.

The Kiribati Police Commissioner, who is on transit in Fiji, held talks with Mr Groenewald,discussing ways of how Kiribati police personnel could benefit from various training opportunities offered at the Fiji Police Force.

A police statement issued yesterday read that in September last year, the two law enforcement agencies singed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) that covered a range of police co-operation initiatives under the existing multilateral memorandum of understanding on development co-operation endorsed by the Fiji Government in 2010, with selected Pacific Island countries including Kiribati.

Mr Groenewald assured his counterpart of Fiji’s commitment towards the MOA, adding a liaison officer had already been assigned to help the Kiribati Police Services with their training needs.

“I have appointed our director training to be the liaison officer between our two organisations and we should have a clear idea of how Fiji would be able to assist with your training needs,” Mr Groenewald said.

A brief overview of the unit was given by commanding officer SSP Maretino Qiolevu where he revealed that the police force had three United Nations certified trainers who would boost the level of training offered to their Kiribati counterparts.

Mr Tokantetaake said with about 300 police officers, the Kiribati Police Services was always grateful for any form of assistance rendered that would help upskill their officers and service delivery.

The Kiribati Commissioner also had an opportunity to witness the various functions from anti-riot to maritime capabilities among many others at the unit.

An anti-riot exercise was conducted by officers to display both the police force’s capabilities as well as giving the visiting commissioner an insight of the forms of training available for his personnel.

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