Fiji Times online goes paywall

THE need to establish a Fiji Times Online paywall is to ensure our readers continue to receive credible news, says Fiji Times Ltd executive consultant Hank Arts.

Mr Arts said the paywall would also allow for quality news with the online products focused on not only the e-edition of today’s newspaper, but also regular updates during the day covering breaking news on mobile phones.

Fiji Times Online goes paywall on January 3.

Subscribers are able to receive the complete bundle for: q $10 for one month q $25 for three months q $75 for 12 months This special introductory offer is available until March 31, 2019.

For our corporate customers and clients, The Fiji Times offers an annual subscription: q 5 subs at $65 ($325) q 10 subs at $50 ($500)

This is also a special deal, available until March 31, 2019.

You can subscribe by calling our customer services on 3304111 or mobile 7754078 As the pay online is effective from January 3, 2019, you should take advantage of the great deal and subscribe as soon as possible.

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