Fiji Taxi: Illegal operators are collapsing the industry

The Fiji Taxi Association has warned its members not to be involved in any illegal activities. Picture: FT FILE/REINAL CHAND

FIJI Taxi Association general secretary Ashwin Lal says illegal operators are collapsing the taxi industry in Fiji.

Speaking at a Nadi Taxi Association stakeholders meeting yesterday, he claimed the inaction of authorities had allowed for the increase of illegal operators.

“We have seen illegal operators continue with their businesses even after we have lodged our complaints,” Mr Lal said.

“So what is the use of going to the police and the LTA if nothing is being done about these illegal operators? On the one hand, we are trying to save our industry by complaining about these illegal operators but on the other hand, they have been saved as well.”

He said rental cars had also been used for taxi operations.

“We have seen people paying for rental cars just to do their illegal taxi business. There are so many of them around that we as taxi drivers have to compete with them as well.”

Mr Lal also warned permit holders against engaging in illegal activities.

“If any taxi operator is found doing any kind of illegal activities, the Fiji Taxi Association will not get involved in any way.

“That is between you and the police officer. If they want to do anything, they can. The association will not interrupt the work of the police.”

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