Fiji students receive scholarships to study in China

Yat Sen High school scholarship students Zyna Fong,Fey Chan,Lindy Teilai, Chinese Ambassador of the People's Republic of China Qian Bo, Nicole Zhu and Jade Guan during the scholarship orientation at the Chinese Embassy today. Total of 20 students received the scholarship to study in China. Picture: RAMA

NINETEEN people received scholarships today from the Chinese government for study programs they had chosen.

Chinese ambassador to Fiji Qian Bo encouraged the students to come back to Fiji after graduating and to serve their country in their different fields.

He also acknowledged the parents for supporting their children in choosing to go to China for further studies.

While addressing the scholarship recipients, Mr Bo said one of China’s aims was to eliminate poverty by 2020 and build China into a modernised country by 2025.

He also highlighted that there were four new innovations in China and said that everywhere in China, one could do mobile payments and they did not need to carry cash or credit cards with them.

Mr Bo encouraged the students to learn the Chinese culture while in China because the country had a long history of the rich culture of civilisation.

Tertiary Loans Board CEO Bobby Maharaj said in the past years until now, Fiji had sent a number of students to China to study and when they returned after graduating, they contributed immensely to Fiji’s economy.

The 19 scholarship recipients will be leaving for China in the first week of September.

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