Fiji represented at Youth Participation Parkour

Pacific Youth Council representative Vilimaina Tamata during the Youth Participation Parkour seminar in Johannesburg, South Africa. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE YOUTH Participation Parkour aims to develop advocacy capacities of youth organisations and young people towards civil society in general.
This was highlighted by Pacific Youth Council member Tarusila Bradburgh in an interview with this newspaper today.
Ms Bradburgh said the program was supported by the Eramus+ program of the European Union and coordinated by the Centre of Intercultural Dialogue.
She said the Youth Participation Parkour had two representatives from Fiji attending the seminar in Johannesburg, South Africa.
“This is a first for the Pacific Youth Council who is partnering with its Fiji-based member, the National Youth Council of Fiji,” Ms Bradburgh said.
The two reps from Fiji are Vilimaina Tamata representing the Pacific Youth Council and Rita Narayan representing the National Youth Council of Fiji.
Miss Tamata said the seminar had allowed her to look at youth participation from a broader angle.
“Increasing youth participation has always been something I’m passionate about because it is a definite need in our communities, figuring out how to get the collective youth voice and for engagement to be less online and more in the community,” she said.
She added it had also given them the chance to design a model to better engage youths.
“This seminar has given Ms Narayan and I tools to design a model that will hopefully engage more youths who aren’t necessarily in the “CSO bubble” and empower young people to take pro-active steps in being social and economic contributors in their communities,” she said.
Ms Bradburgh said a youth exchange – ‘Youth participation Parkour’ will be held in in Nadi, Fiji, in July.
“The youth exchange will last for nine working days and will engage young people to speak up about what motivates them to participate and what is an obstacle for them to participate,” she said.

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