Fiji Red Cross continues assessments and distribution

Update: 3:39PM THE Fiji Red Cross continued with assessments and distribution in flood-affected parts of the Western Division this week.

According to a situation report earlier this week, nine volunteers in two teams carried out initial assessments in Niuyoka and Nadroumai and conducted distribution in Nalele, Sigatoka.

The teams have reported that while water supply had been restored to most areas, the water was dirty.

The report said electricity had been restored by Energy Fiji Limited to most areas as well.

However, there were concerns that there could be food shortages in some parts of Sigatoka because of damage to plantations.

Another concern for FRC was poor sanitation and the amount of mud in communities which were causing a foul stench.

Operations in Nadi have been completed, however, water continued to be a major issue with supply being deemed unsafe for drinking in some parts and supply issues forcing people to resort to boreholes in other areas.

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